Lion HD 3D model

Lion HD 3d model Lion HD 3d model
  • Lion HD 3d model
  • Lion HD 3d model
  • Lion HD 3d model
  • Lion HD 3d model
  • Lion HD 3d model
  • Lion HD 3d model
  • Lion HD 3d model
  • Lion HD 3d model
  • Lion HD 3d model
  • Lion HD 3d model
  • Lion HD 3d model
  • Lion HD 3d model
  • Lion HD 3d model
  • Lion HD 3d model
  • Lion HD 3d model
  • Lion HD 3d model
  • Lion HD 3d model
  • Lion HD 3d model
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Lion HD 3D model
Offer a price $95 $ 95 In stock
hum3d h3dA187486
$55 with Pro plan
Recommended services:
format Download the model in Solid/CAD/Nurbs software compatible formats: STEP, CATPART, SAT. $50
format We will optimize fur and feathers for the requirements of your software. $100
format Optimization of the model without any additional texturing. We will reduce number of polygons to 50k, 20k or 3k. $100
format Download the model as Unity asset package. $50
format Download the model as Unreal 4 asset package. $50
format Rigging setup allows you easily position an animal model the way you need: to seat it, turn its head, change pose or give its the right emotion. $100
format Three types of a basic animation for the animal: run, walk and idle. $200
format Download the model in STL file format, that allows you to print the object. $50
format 10 ready-made PSD images of the model on transparent background in 4K resolution.
format $50
format $50
format $150
format $50
format Download the animal in a pose you need: we can seat it, turn its head, change pose or give its the right emotion. $50
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Available formats

  • 3D Studio (.3ds)
  • 3DS MAX v.2018-22 Arnold (.max)
  • 3DS MAX v.2011-22 Corona (.max)
  • 3DS MAX v.2011-22 Maxwell (.max)
  • 3DS MAX v.2008-18 Mental Ray (.max)
  • 3DS MAX v.2008-22 Scanline (.max)
  • 3DS MAX v.2008-22 V-Ray (.max)
  • Autodesk Drawing (.dxf, .dwg)
  • Autodesk FBX (.fbx)
  • Blender v.2.6- 3.0 (.blend)
  • Cinema 4D v.11-25 (.c4d)
  • Cinema 4D V-Ray v.11-25 (.c4d)
  • Collada (.dae)
  • DAZ Studio (.duf)
  • DirectX (.x)
  • Element 3D AfterEffects CS3-CC (.aep)
  • GLB file (.glb)
  • glTF 2.0 file (.gltf)
  • Keyshot (.bip)
  • Lightwave v.6-2018 (.lwo)
  • Maxwell studio (.mxs)
  • Maya v.2017 - 2022 Arnold (.mb)
  • Maya v.2011 - 2018 Mental Ray (.mb)
  • Maya v.2011 - 2022 V-Ray (.mb)
  • Maya v.8.5 - 2022 (.mb)
  • Photoshop CS3-CC (.psd)
  • Sketchup v.6-2020 (.skp)
  • Softimage (.xsi)
  • Universal 3D (.u3d)
  • Universal Scene Description (.usd)
  • USDZ file (.usdz)
  • Wavefront OBJ (.obj)
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The 3D model was created according to the proportions of a generic animal.

Teeth, tongue, eyeballs and claws included and modeled separately.

We can adjust both hair and advanced rig for any standard format.

The fur is created using native tools, so no additional plugins are required. Fur splines guides were exported to FBX file and provided separately.

We provide several formats for each model, most of them are available by default.

The model is provided with a high resolution (4k) texture.

Images rendered with using V-Ray plugin (we don't include lighting and environment to a set).

*Animation available as additional service in the shopping cart.

Lion HD 3d model by Video with 360-view of Lion HD 3d model
  1. says:

    I am impressed by the hair on the face. Well done!

  2. says:

    Really great model. Thanks for published!

  3. says:

    very good detailed animal for work in Maya.

  4. says:

    That is absolutely superb

  5. says:

    Do you have ue4 model?

  6. says:

    3d model works perfectly with keyshot. Very happy with it

  7. says:

    will be buying more models from this seller in the very near future! recommend

  8. says:

    gorgeous models from this team…

  9. says:

    nice looking product

  10. says:

    excellent :)

  11. says:

    nicely made mammals.

  12. says:

    Product is nicely detailed and looks awesome

  13. says:


  14. says:

    works well for rendering.

  15. says:

    decent ^^

  16. says:

    Stunning one for my projects.

  17. says:

    accurate piece :)

  18. says:

    brilliant professionally made model for my needs

  19. says:

    thought it is a photo

  20. says:

    like! i absolutly love it.

  21. says:

    awesome design!! luv it .

  22. says:

    works good for rendering. very happy with it

  23. says:

    I love this<3

  24. says:

    looks realistic, wow

  25. says:

    decent 3d work!!!

  26. says:

    make more similar models

  27. says:

    do you have a low poly file?

  28. says:

    worked good for my application. very recommendable

  29. says:

    looks insane

  30. says:

    i like this.

  31. says:

    worked well for sketchup.

  32. says:

    awesome product

  33. says:

    i like this<3

  34. says:

    you should to build this in other software.

  35. says:

    very amazing project, all as described

  36. says:

    looks hot

  37. says:

    realistic 3d work!

  38. says:

    they should to make it with other scene

  39. says:

    great objects from the marketplace..

  40. says:

    wonderful product for vfx.

  41. says:

    stunning quality, for the price…

  42. says:

    The work is impressive.

  43. says:

    very good work! :)

  44. says:

    topology is nicely build and looks brilliant

  45. says:

    3d model is professionally made and looks amazing

  46. says:

    do you have animated version?

  47. says:

    Nicely done modelling!!

  48. says:

    you r very great at visualizations.

  49. says:

    3d work of the year.

  50. says:

    stunningly super stuff, mate

  51. says:

    Perfect<3 i really love this work.

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