Skunk 3D model

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Skunk 3d model Skunk 3d model
  • Skunk 3d model
  • Skunk 3d model
  • Skunk 3d model
  • Skunk 3d model
  • Skunk 3d model
  • Skunk 3d model
  • Skunk 3d model
  • Skunk 3d model
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Skunk 3D model
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Recommended services:
format Download the model as Unity asset package. $50
format Download the model as Unreal 4 asset package. $50
format Rigging setup allows you easily position an animal model the way you need: to seat it, turn its head, change pose or give its the right emotion. $100
format Three types of a basic animation for the animal: run, walk and idle. $100
format Download the model in STL file format, that allows you to print the object. $50
format 10 ready-made PSD images of the model on transparent background in HD resolution.
format $50
format $50
format $150
format $50
format $50
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3D model was created according to the proportions of a generic animal.

We provide several formats for each model, most of them available by default.

Images rendered with using V-Ray plugin (we don't include lighting and environment to a set).

Skunk 3D model by Video with 360-view of Skunk 3D model

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