Lucky car model!

Lucky car model of the week!

3D Printing Ready Models

If you're looking for 3D models which are ready for 3D printing, we can help you. We can sell you any 3D model from our catalogue already prepared for 3D printing. It doesn't take a lot of time, two business days at the most.

When ordering 3D printing ready model, you automatically receive an unoptimized model which is ready for rendering.

That is, you are going to have two models and you can use one of them for the project presentation for your customers or for the package design of printed model. We will be also very pleased to receive a picture of your final product and we will hang it at once next to the other pictures on the wall in our studio.

How to order. You just need to add the product to the basket by ticking "Add 3D Printing Ready Model". You can also order this service after the purchase. Usually we need about 2-3 business days to make it.

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