Ancient Rome Render Competition

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1. What work should I submit?
Anything that you may associate with Ancient Rome: from ships to characters. There are no limitations in the choice of themes- only historical and time framework. Primarily our jury will pay attention to the image perception and its quality. It would be great if you can put an idea into your work or attach an interesting story connected with it. Also, we are very fond of 3D environment...
2. Can I submit more than one work?
This time we accept only one work from each participant. It is a real creative competition, only the best works will get into the final part.
3. Do you allow post-processing of the works?
The work should be performed in any of 3D rendering programs. Post-processing in Adobe Photoshop or in any other 2D animation program is allowed. But you are to name all the tools you have used while post-processing when sending us the work.
4. How can I get my prizes?
The prizes will be sent to you by e-mail on the address you indicate when sending us the work. Therefore, make sure you don't make a mistake in your e-mail address.
5. When my work will be published?
As soon as we receive your work, we will answer you within 24 hours (from Monday to Friday). When your work is published you will receive an e-mail with a direct link to your work on our site. If you don't like the design of your work or you decide to take your work out of the competition for some other reasons, you can send us a request, but no later than during 24 hours after the publication.
6. Can I make changes to my work?
You can make changes to your work after it was submitted to the competition. However, there is a condition: you can not change the main object, the changes shouldn't be fundamental and your idea should remain untouched. We hope that community's advice will help you improve your renders that would get an excellent result.

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