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Explorer of New Worlds Challenge Winners Announcement!

May 24th, 2016

Hello everybody, our challenge for the best character of explorers of new worlds came to an end and it’s high time to sum it up. read more »

Making of Woodcutter truck

March 3rd, 2016
Render Passes

Hi, my name is Otavio Henrique Amorim Junqueira, I am Brazilian. I got a degree in graphic design; currently I’m working in CTI Renato Archer, creating animations focused on scientific dissemination. In this making-of I will show you step by step my work the “Woodcutter”, made for the Car Render Challenge by Humster3D. read more »

Making of Lamborghini Veneno

February 19th, 2016
Rain trails

It all started after I watched a couple of Grant Warwick’s hard surface modeling videos. It really made me want to model a car by applying the newly learned techniques. read more »

Making of Chevrolet Impala Low Rider

January 5th, 2016
Working on the details

This year our studio was so busy with plenty of projects and I didn’t have enough free time, but when I saw Humster3D Car Render Challenge, I decided to test my skills, so I participated and it was a good experience. I saw many good works and now it’s my honor to be invited to write about my project for read more »

Making of Desert Runner

December 17th, 2015
Sci Fi car modeling process

The concept and story of the desert runner came into fruition after Humster3d announced a new car render challenge. After careful thought I decided to work on something original rather than to do some existing vehicle read more »

Making of Renault Alpine 1971 Rally Acropolis

December 16th, 2015
Full modeled scene

Hello, my name is Antoni Dendrou. I joined the world of 3D about 7 years ago and haven’t stopped discovering its beauty ever since. The reason I started was to visualize cars, as I am deeply interested in car design. I prefer working in all stages of production, from concept to post-production, so as to give the final image or video the intended meaning and expression. read more »

Making of R5 GT Turbo

December 15th, 2015
Modeling of R5 GT Turbo

The first step is obvious – looking for good references and pictures. I decided on the Renault 5 GT Turbo, an excellent rally car from the 80’s. read more »

Making of The Kraken Bus

December 8th, 2015
Kraken Bus scene

The Kraken Bus was the second vehicle I’ve modelled in my life, so as you can see it was quite of a challenge for me because I had so little experience in car modelling… and because I was planning to participate in the “Humster3D 2015 Vehicle Contest”, I wanted to make it a futuristic concept vehicle that can run at fast speeds, than can climb into a mountain and that can swim in the seas… read more »