Ako Ghadermarzi: Interview with 3D artist

Hi everyone! We continue a series of short interviews with the best artists from Hum3D competitions.

Ako Ghadermarzi, the winner of the “Exlevel Team Choice” will answer on six questions and give us a look behind the scenes of his work.

The end of war is the begninng of life by Ako Ghadermarzi

– Tell us a little bit about yourself. What do you do and how did you become a 3D artist?

I’m Ako Ghadermarzi, born in 1995, from Gorveh, Kurdistan, Iran.

Years ago when I was younger, I got interested in the arts world.

According to the talent I discovered in yourself, I learned painting and drawing on my own. After some years that I was studying architecture, I got acquainted with the digital world of 2D and 3D. In the beginning, I got familiar with AutoCAD and then with 3DsMax.

For the limitations that were there, it was really difficult to learn them.

Since then I took interest in digital arts and later on when I got access to the internet, I started learning it through YouTube. Years after, I got interested in the world of VFX and Animation. After practicing it in Tehran, I began working as a 3d modeler concerning VFX and Animation in a studio.

– What’s your favorite aspect of creating 3D art? Is there something you specialize in and enjoy the most?

Moreover, I like 3d modeling and especially complicated levels of 3d modeling that challenge my mind, but the more interested in car modeling.

– What or who inspires you today? Are you a member of any art communities? Any favorite hashtags you check on a daily basis?

Mr. Vahid Montazeri is one of the people whose works make me amazed and brought enthusiasm and motivation for me to step in the digital world of 3D.

– Please tell us your five short tips for creating 3D art.

Inspiration from nature, seeing good samples and famous people, practicing and creativity brought me to this position that I’m in today and certainly will bring me even higher than that.

– Could you please show us any images from the latest work process with a short description. Where did the idea come from? Did you learn something new?

Since I am interested in modeling, I would love to talk about it.

Second professional modeling work I'm doing

This is the second professional modeling work I’m doing.

I have modeled many parts of it over and over again to get the right result and topology, my goal is to make it learning so I enjoy challenging myself with these complex models, I have collected many videos and photos for this model Which speaks well of my work and I have no trouble getting it right.

– Which of your designs/part of scene/model are you most like and why?

I am proud of most of the things I do, many of which I do to move myself to a higher position and a stronger position.

For example, my work for Challenge 3d Gun 2 was one of the things I was proud of, apart from the idea, modeling, texting, lighting, and rendering I tried to counter my story with war and violence, and I thought that was what I imagined.

Another thing I am proud of is the BMW z4 modeling, which is my first heavy work and it has raised my level of knowledge of modeling and topology recognition a lot, and the output of the work is something satisfying for me.

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