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RebusFarm interview – live talk about the 3D industry and company plans

November 2nd, 2015
Siggraph 2015

Today we will talk with the team of RebusFarm, the widely known popular render farm. Many large CG companies use their services. For many years, their logo always appears on every major CG event. Let’s try to find out what makes this company number one in the industry, how it all began and what their plans are. read more »

Interview with Letícia Reinaldo

December 19th, 2013

Hi there, community! Longing to make our blog more interesting to you, we have prepared an interview with a young and promising CG-artist from Recife, Brazil (or from Los Angeles, California – as you like), the charming (both the artist and her works) Leticia Reinaldo. We were so inspired by her pieces that ventured and asked her a couple of questions. In this interview you will find practical advices for beginners and ideas to reflect on for experts. Leticia’s advices are especially precious, knowing that she had a teaching experience in Recife School of art, game and animation (SAGA). read more »

Interview with Den Brooks

September 9th, 2013
Den Brooks interview and renders

Hi Folks,

We are very pleased to present you a short interview with a wonderful and a very talented 3d artist Den Brooks. read more »