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News of the end of May but not the end of the world

Hello my dear friends! So the time has come to tell you about very important events! It is to be noted that the present events are really very important. Microsoft has pleasured us with new Xbox One announcement. But the news doesn’t end up here.

Now Xbox One is not simply a play console! Now it is an entertainment system! Now using Xbox you may watch TV on your TV! Yes it sounds stupid on the one hand but looking on another hand you can see that you have a system All-in-One. By the way, paying attention to design we see that this new system really looks like the one that should be in your living room doing all these tricks with your TV.

In fact new console brings up a lot of innovations. Altogether with Play Station 4 they will set the pace of progress in the next 5 years. There are Skype (I wonder why they didn’t apply this before), intuitive voice control and parallel operation of functions among the innovations.

Let’s stop by on the technical stuff. Unfortunately there are not many details but now we know something anyway. “Heart” of the system is x86 is 64-bit 8-core processor from AMD that is performed as a whole with unknown GPU of unknown power. Obviously GPU gives up to its analogue in Play Station 4. They have shown new Kinect that impresses. He provides the tracking with resolution 1080p 30 FPS. It is enough to track the heart beating parameters (!). Also it includes infrared sensor and many microphones that allow to skip the lightening issue. Also the joystick was upgraded significantly. It has impulse triggers that allow you to feel the impact now.

Unfortunately the price is still unknown.

As I promised the news don’t end up yet.

Implicit Skinning

The group of independent developers has introduced new revolution system of shell behavior during deformation. New skinning was named Implicit. This system allows to calculate the shell contacts and get the effect of “bulging muscles” in real time mode. This system operates as fast as smooth blending or dual-quaternions but it is very realistic in the same time! Stunning Results! Excellent!

As it is said on official page:


Geometric skinning techniques, such as smooth blending or dual-quaternions, are very popular in the industry for their high performances, but fail to mimic realistic deformations. Other methods make use of physical simulation or control volume to better capture the skin behavior, yet they cannot deliver real-time feedback. In this paper, we present the first purely geometric method handling skin contact effects and muscular bulges in real-time. The insight is to exploit the advanced composition mechanism of volumetric, implicit representations for correcting the results of geometric skinning techniques. The mesh is first approximated by a set of implicit surfaces. At each animation step, these surfaces are combined in real-time and used to adjust the position of mesh vertices, starting from their smooth skinning position. This deformation step is done without any loss of detail and seamlessly handles contacts between skin parts. As it acts as a post-process, our method fits well into the standard animation pipeline. Moreover, it requires no intensive computation step such as collision detection, and therefore provides real-time performances”.

I think we will see this technology soon using new consoles!

Basefount Company made an announcement of a new version of the package that provides “crowd” simulation – Miarmy 2.2 для Autodesk Maya. System includes a set of plug-ins and tools for a crowd creation, its animation, physical simulation and render.

Here is the list of new options:

– Improved support of PhysX
– Expression Channel
– Scalable animation engine
– Expansion for Particles/nParticles
– UV Pin Mesh Constrain
– 3D road/path
– Upgraded synchronization in the process of a battle simulation
– Two-way roads
– Channels of relative speed

Demolition Master

Eloi Andaluz also known as and_vfx owns the same name company that released Demolition Master 1.5. As you can see from its name this plug-in for 3ds MAX is designed for simulation of realistic demolitions. Also you may easily guess from the name that this is a very powerful tool!

Features list:

– Interactive Dynamic Demolition System.
– Procedural bullets.
– Procedural Joint system.
– Concrete, wood, glass and steel materials with specific parameters.
– Full destruction control, fragmentation objects pass different states with different frictions defined by user.
– Instant debris creation (splashes, trails, impact debris) for concrete, wood, steel, glass materials and bullets.
– Instant interaction with FumeFx.
– Thinking particles Tool, so you can refine all parameters for your needs.
– TP dynamic solver presets, choose quality/speed, concave and convex objects supported.
– Attractors, wind, and gravity modifier
– Activators, choose what you want to destruct.
– Export geometry

As Porky Pig said: That’s all, folks!

Have a nice render!

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