Lucky car model!

Lucky car model of the week!

WIP Mercedes AMG GT

Hey guys, I want to share with you a process of my Mercedes AMG GT modeling/rendering. As I felt in love with tihs car once I saw it over the web I decided to make that beautyl as accurate as I can.

I went to a nearest Mercedes dealer where this car was exposed. After a quick intruduction and explanation that I did not came to buy this car ( Sad ) I was able to spent over 2h 1 on 1 with the AMG moster.

I shot a lot of reference photos and get the dimensions of almost every external part of the car:

Mercedes AMG GT

Mercedes AMG GT

So after that stage I had over 200 photos + references that I found over the web, pretty much to get the party started!

Combined with official blueprints and my own measurements I did a 3d spline model which was adjusted just a little bit to match the car shapes (using camera match).

Mercedes AMG GT

Modeling with those 3d splines (which can be called 3d blueprints) goes much more smoother as you dont have to bother if you’re going out of proportions (you already got them from previous stage!

Mercedes AMG GT

Once the model was ready I started working on the composition. My intention was to make it look very glamour, like in most of the Mercedes brochures even if the surrounding is just a highway. I was looking for perfect angle, that will fully expose aggresive front with long hood.

Mercedes AMG GT

and some more details:

Mercedes AMG GT

You can see the final render here.

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