• Author: Kavithasan Patkunam
  • Tools: Maya, Keyshot

Since my childhood, I was fascinated about Formula 1 cars. The sound of the engine & the speed they travel were simply mind blowing. Michael Schumacher was my favourite all time driver. I always dreamt of having a formula 1 car in my garage and so I made this render to fulfil my dream. I designed the car based on the 2013 formula 1 cars but modified it according to my wish. I dedicate this render to Michael Schumacher and I hope he will recover his health soon.

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  1. samay says:

    Good job

  2. Sandeep says:

    Kudos bro .. Chasing you dreams

  3. Venki says:


  4. Abhilash says:


  5. Dinesh says:

    superb bro!!!!

  6. Ramkrishnan says:

    WooooooW Awesome man. the design is fantabulous. You’re the winner buddy. You didn’t mention anything about the choice of specific model? you designed it because you liked it the most or any other specific reason like car which Schumacher likes most?
    Wish you dream come true. When it does give me a ride buddy :)

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