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  • Tools: Fusion 360, Cinema 4D, Redshift, Photoshop

Soon human overpopulation get solved by travel being more rapid, highway networks are extended up into space and force-fields around asteroids make space habitable. Next to all the good this brings to the world, it also brings it the asteroid scavengers. These lowlifes scavenge asteriod for the forcefield inhibitors, parts of such tech are very valuable to the right buyer.

To solve this problem, the Asteroid Blazer was developed. Being a heavy-weight quad-engine electric super car, it can hunt down whomever has bad intentions. the AB was developed as a hybrid between SUV and super car where none of the performance is sacrificed . With it's air suspension the rideheight is ajustable from 2-inch for smooth surface to 15-inch for the heavier terrains. So whatever the environment throws at it.

It is ready.

It was born that way.

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