• Author: Luis Lara Osorio
  • Tools: 3ds Max, Mental Ray and After Effects

When we hear about Ancient Rome, we all come to mind the Coliseum, gladiators combats, the great conquerors or their rich architecture. But for this competition I wanted to make something different, so I decided to represent the Romans' taste for ploting and conspiration, and why not, their taste for other "activities". This scene is a little concept, childlish cartoon characters doing things not so childlish at all.

The Second place
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  1. Archi says:

    Great work! Nice SSS ;)

  2. karayaone says:

    I like your very different approach! very nice!

  3. Luis Lara says:

    Thank you guys! Glad you like it!

  4. Victor Hugo Hernandez says:

    I really like it, especially the story behind it!

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