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Croft city – Runner UNIT 313

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  • Tools: Cinema 4D, Octane Render

Year 3133

Set a few decades after the great wars.

This is Croft City, one of the megacities located around the globe.

These cities are the offspring of the great Fossil Fuel Wars that divided the world, and rapidly reached such a size that the only expansion left for them is vertical.

Over the the next few decades, the cities grew taller and people living at the lower levels were forgotten and left to fend for themselves. With rocketing crime rates, and almost next to no support from the government, the gangs and syndicates were born.

The car you see in this image is a Runner from a TAXI syndicate.

This syndicate specializes in trafficking and transportation of goods.

Weapons. People. Drugs, and even government officials.

For the right amount of credit, anything can be moved.

This Runner Unit was designed for speed and agility while providing a basic level of protection.

A tweaked Impulse reactor engine provides the car with speed and an adjusted and improved kinetic suspension and brake system allows the car to be more agile, making it perfect for the quick district-to-district transportation.

This model was resurrected from the old pre-war car Mercedes 190E.

The shell was re-constructed using modern-day materials making it more robust and lightweight.

A reinforced chassis and bash bars were added for extra durability, however the car sustained some damage during its last run.

Anybody can join the Runners. but not everybody makes through the first week. You need not just a good car, but also a high level of skill.

The better the runner, the better the contract.

In Croft City sometimes speed and agility are not enough.

To be continued

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