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  • Tools: Blender, 3D coat textura, Krita, Darktable

I wanted to create a rat rod. After searching the internet for cool cars, I came a across the Trophy Rat made by Keith Northrup. I immediately loved the idea of an old international trophy truck, so I made the truck, but I felt I needed to add a second element to the scene, so I created the dirt bike to add.

The next objective was to prepare an environment. The first step was to create the assets (grass, rocks, and shrubs).

After that I had to make the ground, so I used an addon in Blender to generate the different landscape elements to match a HDRI I was going to use for the background. Lastly, I scattered all the plants and then added the vehicles and dust. I rendered out the scene and then composited the rest in Krita. The last step was to color grade the image in Darktable.

I had a great time making the project for this challenge, and hope to enter next year as well.

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