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Dystopian Zombie Truck Chic

  • Author:
  • Tools: Blender 3d, Paintshop Pro, Poliigon textures, Garment tool, Graswald

Come on down to the see the latest in zombie protection trucks in the county!

Going to pick up your family mementos in the free zombie reservation zone doesn't have to be scary or dangerous. Not with the latest in 50 caliber zombie eradication tools like these twin mounted Z-sweepers. The latest diesel engine model will ensure you have plenty of torque power to steam over any number of eradicated Zs. The rear flamethrower will have you thinking of your youth and roasting marshmallows on sticks. The six inch bullet proof windshields now have UV ray block technology for those blazing hot days.

All computer-controlled for easy operations so you can focus on the important things like looking at the beautiful but rugged dystopian scenery that is now found in the reservation zone.

Come on down for a test drive and we'll throw in a 50 inch T.V. so you can show your neighbors all the wonderful memories you made traveling down memory lane in one of our truly Zombie Truck Chic.

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