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Electron pulse cannon

  • Tools: Fusion 360

As war lifts off to space, army has to deploy its "space guns".

The electron Pulse cannon can not only be mounted on any vehicle as a turret, it can also be used by trained solders.

The cannon works in two steps:

1: the creation of high powered electron plasma ball (trapped with a powerful magnetic field within the ion thruster like structure)
2: the plasma ball is accelerated, using electromagnetic coils (Up to .1 C), which moves tangent with the projectile (up to 30 deg.)
2.1: The coils don't need any servo motors, since they lift from their created magnetic field.

When the cannon is used by personel, the energy source - battery module can be replaced, by pulling the lever(locking mechanism is integrated into the battery).

When cannon is mounted on an vehicle, or used as an defence turret, the battery can be used as a condencator (releasing its all stored energy at once). The carbon nanotube battery cells can withstand the high current draw of electron pulse generator.

With some modifications to the accelerator unit and some tweaks to its ECU(electronic controlling unit), the cannon can be turned into a powerful portable wielder.

some drawbacks of the cannon:

1: When on personel mode it overheats after 10 minutes of consecutive firing (at 6 RPM) When on mounted as a turret, without aditional cooling, the rate of fire is only 1 per minute(high current draw in batteries causes a lot of heat).

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