• Author: Roman Basti
  • Tools: Rhinoceros, Flamingo nXt, Photoshop

As an Icon of car design i've choosen Ford Mustang to be mine Most Legendary Car. I am watching all the time, all different versions of the so called american muscle „Pony“ car like Shelby Cobra, Dearborn Doll and for instance the newest hot 2015 model just came out of factory lines. But as an artistic view i placed my concept naturally redesigned into the year 2030 to demonstrate that we aim to see this legend to be produced so far.

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  1. Jaya says:

    I like I like I like it! ;-)

  2. Super design!!! says:

    Super design!!!

    • Roman says:

      TNX guys, was hoping You’ll like Mustang theme :-) like I do

  3. Vladimiro says:

    Roman, PERFECT ! ;)

  4. Roman says:

    Thanks, a lot :-)

  5. roman says:

    hello, if you´d like to see some more about design process, refer to my webpage an be pleased to feedback, TNX.

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