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Ever since I was as little as two years old, I always held a strong bond with cars. There may be others who share a love for cars just like I do, but saying that I have a passion for the automotive world, it's an understatement for sure, as I live and breathe cars. This passion of mine grew stronger with time, and by the age of five, I constantly started to draw & design cars. My project entry revolves around an event from my life, which happened when I was in primary school (Elementary year 5). I had entered a school drawing competition while in break time. Being a 90's kid, I had a strong love for a particular race car at the time, and in about half an hour, I had drawn the very beautiful Ferrari F40. The drawings were collected and some time later, a winner was announced - it was me. I had came in first, and do note that the drawing was not even finished! The gist behind this event is that being passionate for something, and investing time in it, will always lead towards reaching the desired goal.

Going over the project entry, again, I created the beautiful & timeless Ferrari F40, whilst also creating its engine, as to challenge myself into creating a bigger project. This vehicle was naturally selected due to being one of my all-time favorites, and as aforementioned, I wanted to push myself into creating more than just a vehicle, but also replicate its engine & interior. In the scene, there is also huge emphasis on the F40 & its engine, through lighting, while also replicating the image that was drawn when I was younger. I also made sure that this vehicle is created with utmost detail, while maintaining a steady workflow. The total amount of time taken for this project, is about a month, as the engine took quite some time to replicate through images only. The idea behind my work is that what I enjoyed doing most when I was younger, came full circle, as now, this is my line of work. This is my passion, and I always fall in love with the next project in creation.

Thank you for reading & viewing my work, while I wish good luck to all entries.

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