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Hey. Yeah, another day another breakdown....

Life in the big city is not easy you know. everyone has to chip in. bit of this and bit of that.

But those who sit above and look down. well, what do they know....


We who work for VANCE city services well. let me tell you. What a bloody dream job!

If you don't get snatched by a leak in the charged batteries. or hit by some wackjob in a stolen H-truck .. Coun yourself in a good spot friend..

Speaking of the H-Trucks. yeah, what a beauty isn't she. been in service for ohh. as long as I can remember.

Pure joy and power. 6 5X-Way propulsion thrusters. Lift capacity of 890T. at the full tank, she can squeeze out 448MPH on the international freeway. that is if you don't get caught by the feds..

Some of the tech on this baby they don't make as good as before. seen some of the new variants and yeah. twice as many problems for twice the cost.

Sure she bears marks of the old days and a few of them are fresh but hey. we try to look after them with what we have. for example, just now had to pry open the discharge doors to sort out some pressure buildup in chamber 3. Dam magnetic locks.

Ever since one of the charge batteries went off in District 7 and we got hit by some serious power the front shield won't lift. Will need to file another request for spare transformers. Or if I get lucky might finds some at the scrapper's place. The guy is a wizard i tell you that.

Oh and if you wonder what is that stuff over to the other side. Well, we are in a 337 Storage unit. this is where we keep the empty batteries heating and refurbing.

But hey. enough about this. time to get back to work. Got bills to pay. mouths to feed.

See you in the VANCE City friends.

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