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Several eons ago in a time of great upheaval, the entity in charge of synthesizing all experience generated by living creatures in time and space, explosively removed Himself from the universe circuits. The first ever such occurrence in the records of creation, that a Deity could cease to exist. In the chaos that ensued, a fragment of coalesced experience was flung back out into time and has drifted undisturbed for countless millennia until now.

Having detected a seemingly bottomless source of energy in the isolated and unchartered recesses of space, on a planet lonely and drifting. They could not be blamed for the folly of trying to harvest it. The Library details many mortal races in the far flung Creation having met their end tinkering with cosmic forces beyond their technology. We are grateful the fragment is found, and the relevant authorities have been notified of its location, but protocol dictates that we must begin evacuation of all creatures in the sector immediately, mortal or otherwise.

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