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LACR-X10R8 Precision Lancer “The Christmas tree of death”

  • Author:
  • Tools: Maya, Substance Painter

G.R.I.D system, common among ascendant's officers; are a spherical intercepting shielding that form and "catch" projectiles in its path upon detection, render conventional arms useless against them.

At the time, the only way to bypass G.R.I.D is to fire numerous round to wear down its power cell. This makes every ascendant officers almost invincible on the battlefield during the early stage of the war.

Desperate for a solution, the military hired Mitsusaki Industry, well know for their aerospace architecture, to come up with a solution before all is lost. Using a miniature satellite as a centrifugal accelerator unit, and excessive amount of powered coils and nuclear servo. LACR-X10R8 was created merely 4 months after the war started.

Known as the "Precision Lancer" or "Christmas tree of death" refers by its operators. LACR-X10R8 is a shoulder-mounted rail gun that fires massive 70mm tungsten interlaced "lance" towards its target at a staggering speed of 4.2 km/s. Capable of passing through a standard G.R.I.D sensor before its next refresh cycle. However, being a product of desperation, LACR-X10R8 also suffers several critical issues such as expose power unit and a massive length of 3 meters. It can only be operated sitting down due to its weight and outdated bipod and requires 2~3 men to carry around its parts.

Most Infamously, after each shot the precision lancer would immediately go into ventilation mode, causing it to lit up like a Christmas tree. making its operator a prime target on the field, thus the nickname.

LACR-X10R8 is now a relic of its time, who would have thought the day would come where "primitive" swords would become the most effective weapon against the ascendant. Once the bulwark of humanity, the precision lancer now lays inside an old military storage unit, proud of weathering humanity during their worst moment.

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