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Last day of the mission…

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Mission Report SML-124 Number 38

Thursday, June 03, 1920 - 10:30 a.m. CDT Mission Control Center, Cunaxa, Persia



STS-124 MCC Status Report # 38

The atmospheric conditions of the planet are still inhospitable, but I must acknowledge the admirable work and determination of the crew in these last days of the mission and that with enthusiasm awaits the return home.

Of the 20 areas that we were commissioned to explore, we only have to visit the ZM-15 sector, which generates errors in our instruments, in addition to communication problems with the base. In any case, we will comply with the recognition, in particular, of some species of caves, identified by the satellite as “The zone of silence”.

Next report in 20 hours, when the satellite this range.

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