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Lead your path, Majesty

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  • Tools: Blender, Substance Painter, Krita

Cold water penetrates the eyes and ears, the dark abyss of the lake receives oxygen and hope for further life. The future king is drowning, he is no longer fighting the element, he is slowly losing consciousness.

The delicate light begins to smolder in the thinness, a soft voice reaches the ears.

"Lead your path."

A woman with a beautiful face like a nymph runs towards him and gives a sword. Arthur sees signs on the hilt, but he doesn't know what they mean yet. He would like to ask, but the Lady of the Lake dissolves in the water.

"Lead your path... Majesty."

Arthur decides not to give up and finally comes to the air. He's holding a sword in his hand that a mysterious woman gave him. A sword that will allow him to finish his legend.

A sword called Excalibur.

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