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Moonlight desert BMW i8

  • Author:
  • Tools: Maya, 3ds max, Mental ray

It would have been wonderful to drive away from the hustle of a big city into a desert and enjoy a romantic night under the moonlight.

I used Maya for modelling a car and all its parts, image was rendered in 3D Max using Mental Ray.

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  1. says:

    To drive this car to feel a real thrill in the moonlight gost hunting night.

  2. says:

    Looks majestic and royal!

  3. says:

    Wow!! I would like to drive away by such car from the gray cold city into the desert , enjoy the moonlight there and listen to music that the cat plays on guitar

  4. says:

    It’s a detailed and scrupulous work. Very well done.
    And look at that Mexican cat on the door! Aww))

  5. says:

    Magical and even alien… I imagine how wonderful it will look on night mountain route ….

  6. says:

    Magic wonderful exciting very good

  7. says:

    wow! looks amazing

  8. says:

    The painting doesn’t match the style of the car. It looks like a military man with bow tie and pink laces.

  9. says:

    Perfect idea for ice cream stall.

  10. says:

    Wow:) I like it!

  11. says:

    Epic good wook

  12. says:

    It’s very exciting wonderful
    I want to do it

  13. says:

    This painting is very perfect and staning !!
    So amazing!??

  14. says:

    Very very cool!!

  15. says:

    So amazing ??

  16. says:

    Oh I like it!It’s so colorful ??

  17. says:

    I would like take a drive by this car to the desert?? Good job

  18. says:

    I love realistic and spectacular play of lights on the car. I just imagine this BMW on the roads of NFS drifting the highway to Mexico. Nice work!

  19. says:

    Очень талантливая работа, потрясающая цветовая гамма???свежее оформление. Идея для аэрографии подняла настроение ?Машину хоть сейчас запускай в игру “Need for speed” ?

  20. says:

    I like this job.You have good skills :) I wish you a good luck!

  21. says:

    you have a great fantasy!!!

  22. says:

    Amazing!? i like the render, but the hills at the background are quite blurred for my taste

  23. says:


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