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The clock is ticking, bullets are flying in the midair, it is happening now, the true reality! When the war breaks out, conflicts, the constant life-threatening situations made everyone in the area suffered. Children want their parents back but missing, families got no homes to go back, newly married couples were forced to separate to join the frontier against the enemies. Good or bad justice and evil are not that important anymore. No food, water or electricity, survival is everything. Those people who can walk were long gone, others are in caves shelters hiding from their enemies. No one can figure out where is the end.

A soldier’s diary, written as ‘I’m a United Nations peacekeeper, we have just entered the war zone. It is an entirely different world now, you can’t imagine how could things turn out this bad. I was traveling here roughly one year ago, the people I met and the places I visited were full of joy, but now everything is gone. Even the birds are all gone, the constant high-stress level makes me sick.

The weapon I am carrying is LMT Mars_L aka NZ army standard rifle, it’s pretty old one, I consider it as my best friend, those memories were all prominent written in its body and my head; I’m glad that the Lieutenant allowed me to make my own choice regarding what weapon should I carry, I said to him at least this can be a backup, although honestly, I prefer this the old friend over other shiny one. So far I have not killed and harmed anyone this time, now I know I’m just a peacekeeper, I bring peace not violence.

The more I involved in this shit the more I feel all types of violence are wrong. I don’t want to sacrifice myself for just somebody’s politic game, I’m a civilized man, not a savage, Wars are all pointless, I want to go back home, I want peace.

Look! The sunset is still charming at this moment, every day, even in this part of the world. For a second I dreamed these whole war conflicts are just like other old flashbacks.

It’s beautiful (the sunset), I just need a break. I wish the time could just freeze right at this moment as in this photo, forever, forever peaceful and beautiful.

By the way, It’s good that they allowed our Kiwi squad rides up our own national flag along with the UN one, I miss home, and my little Isla and her mom.'

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