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  • Author: Bruno Charles
  • Tools: 3dsMax, Vray

My name is Bruno Moreira. I am an artist specializing in 3D rendering and automotive modeling.

I am freelancer, but I accept proposal for companies to work fixed.

I have four years of experience in 3d modeling and rendering in Vray and Keyshot. I started working with modeling products for architecture 5 years ago. Chair, generally. Then I started to model cars and I'm doing it to this day.

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  1. Martin Rasmusen says:

    Hello Bruno!
    Is this your model or it is one of the models from the internet because I am kind of sure that I saw the model on the internet.
    Is it a remesh or is 100 % modeled by you?

    Kind regards,
    Martin/Luxion, Inc

  2. khaled says:

    Hi Martin ; everyone can use a free model or purchase model for the contest
    are you mean this model used without permission of the original author ?

  3. Bruno Charles says:

    this model was 100% done for me. I have all his modeling process on my facebook page. At the time I did I had a hard time finding blueprint because the car had just been released. I have the date of my posting on Facebook that proves it. Thanks for asking.

  4. RobbyQ says:

    nice work!

  5. AlexAndRiEL says:

    28 december 2013?

  6. Humster3D says:

    AlexAndRiEL, the model was started

  7. sami khan says:

    great job

  8. Oriol Folch says:

    Is it me or the rear wheels look waaaaay to thin? It’s a shame because it’s a great render.

  9. David Ataualpa says:

    Nice ! Good Luck !

  10. AC5L;4T3R says:

    The background is from ArchExteriors by Evermotion. Don’t the rules disallow such things?

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