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In 1916, the US merchant John Shelley travelled to China to start an Import/Export Business. One day John Shelley went to a small village and witnessed a group of bandits attacking a local potter, John managed to scare the bandits away with the devastating sound of a gunshot. John and the potter became friends even though they don't understand each other's language. To thank John, the potter used his skill and made a porcelain replica of John's M1911 pistol.

When John passed away in 1968, this artwork is donated to the museum. this porcelain pistol artwork is the symbol of friendship and the bridge between two cultures.

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  1. says:

    whoa very interesting idea and execution! the hand painted watercolor turned out very nice! Also love the attention to small details and imperfections! The subtle wobble of the porcelain clear coat and smudges on the display glass, and is that someone in the reflections taking the photo?? nice little finishing touch XD

  2. says:

    Awesome concept and very well executed. Congratulations!!

  3. says:

    Well done. Nice clean concept. :)

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