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Post Apocalyptic Zombie Hunter

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  • Tools: 3ds max, Zbrush, Vray, Photoshop

Hi, My name is Humam and I'm freelancer..

In this project I tried to make a post Apocalyptic vehicle has the style of Mad Max movie, whole scene is fully 3d ground sculpted in Zbrush then the displacement map exported to 3d max,car textures also i did it inside of Zbrush polypaint technique then finished in photoshop... I have 10 years experience in this field .

Hum3D Team Choice

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    such a talent

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    The glasses are unnecessary! Is better to replace the grating.

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    Great! Glass is superfluous, it is better to replace the grille.

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    This is fantastic! Wonderful work and good WIP!

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    nice work

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    The best work till now :D very realistic and something fresh !!!

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    Awesome job!

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    I like the mood! This is a great job!

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    I thought they were not to have been previously published works ?

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