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Road of Resistance

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  • Tools: 3DsMAX, V-Ray, GrowFX, Forest Pack, Quixel Suite, Photoshop

Mankind developed robot guns that could fight the wars for humans without having to have the need to sacrifice human lives. These war machines have their own artificial intelligence and are equipped for battle. These machines turned out to be excellent weapons and instead of on a battleground to fight against soldiers or defending themselves, people thought of different ways to use them. The Robot soldiers became means to overtake cities and grab the power. Cities turned into war zones and all people have fled or have been killed.

In the future cities were also droids that were part of daily life and used for assisting humans in simple tasks i.e. in the household, public or private transport and assisting governments. These droids didn't have the chance to flee and feel part of the city. The Occupiers want to sweep the cities and get rid of the droids. The've send out the Robot Guns to hunt down the last of them.

The droids refuse to give in and determined to fight these Robot Soldiers, finding ways to hide from them, defeat and dismantle them. They grow stronger and form the core of the resistance.

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