Self-portrait with a neighbour’s Camaro

  • Author: Ariel González Piñeiro
  • Tools: Carrara 8 Pro, Keyshot, Photoshop

Long time ago, I lived with my parents in a big city's suburb, surrounded by low end Fiats and Renaults. Suddenly, a summer midday parked by a neighbours house...a Golden Camaro! My brother and I were astonished! Sadly, no photos were taken that day. But now, the 3D tools lets enact that moment.

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  1. puma says:

    Excelente ariel!!!

  2. volker5651 says:

    Fine work and a nice story

  3. José García says:

    Ariel: ha quedado mejor que si fuera real. Esto solo lo puede hace un artista como tú. FELICIDADES

  4. Ariel González Piñeiro says:

    Puma, the location is authentic: Remedios de Escalada, ja ja…

  5. Ines Gonzalez says:

    Amazing job!! It’s so cool, nice story :)

  6. Jose says:

    INCREDIBLE ! Si este coche no es real empezare’ a dudar de la realidad en si,

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