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Skoda Reminiscence 89

  • Author: Roman Basti
  • Tools: Rhinoceros, Flamingo nXt, Photoshop
The idea here is to make a concept car inspired by a vehicle produced back before 1989 year, named Skoda 120, quite known in our region. Now similar to Chevrolet Camaro or Charger, i'd like to redesign an older model. Taking the proportions of a nowadays 5 -door sedan and its platform. Here will be a concept named Skoda 2120, or as I later decided SkodaReminiscence89 as you can see on stickesrs too. TNX funs.

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  1. Donatello says:

    THANK YOU, BEST WORK !! greeting from ChECKoSlovaKIšš²

  2. Roman says:

    TNX, Donatello doing my best, now this theme)

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