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  • Tools: Zbrush, 3ds max, Corona renderer, Photoshop

An unforgettable scene frozen in time and from the surroundings of their humble backyard world, we see the simplest creature's grand scheme of exploring a new world! Directed by the genius Professor Earthworm is a masterful plan where Artie a courageous snail and his faithful comrades travel so boldly in their quest for a new beginning.

Inspired with story by: Scott Stotler

Special prize from Exlevel

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  1. says:

    Very cool details! textures, lighting – everything looks absolutely amazing!

  2. says:

    Fantastic, magic, fun and natural little snails

  3. says:

    wonderful illustration =)

  4. says:

    Well done!

  5. says:

    The Best!

  6. says:

    It is the best performance! Excellent detailing!

  7. says:

    Very cool !!!

  8. says:

    Unbelievable! Good job!

  9. says:

    Very technical, detailed work, amazing

  10. says:

    Step away from the everyday life to the dream

  11. says:

    Beautiful! Detailed masterpiece!!!

  12. says:

    Great and stunning picture!

  13. says:

    Very funny and charming snails))) Especially I like the drawn personages. A picture as a whole – the magic :)

  14. says:

    Very cool !!!

  15. says:

    I follow you during some months and each time you can surprise me by your creativity. Thank you for the inspiration!

  16. says:

    Fairytail excaping our reality =)
    Really nice work

  17. says:

    Skilfully done! Bright colors and sense of movement harmonize perfectly well

  18. says:

    Characters*liveliness is jast marvellous and impressive! Fire and light are very cleare and distinct. We can find here a vast deal of unusual detalis, for example dirt which got stuk in tires looks like real. This is the performance of a high level!

  19. says:


  20. says:

    Professionally executed work.Guys, you are the best!!!!

  21. says:

    Detailed and shiny as candy) I’d watch a movie made this style)) but no doubt it’s a lot of work!

  22. says:

    It’s easy to feel the characters in action and to be involved in a magic scene.
    A great job was done!

  23. says:

    magnetising…absolutely wonderful! and sparkling!!!))) will it be a cartoon? would love to watch)))

  24. says:

    Unbelievable attention to detail! This beautiful world looks so inviting, fun and wonderfully magical! It’s very whimsical and happy. Through many tiny details you managed to create a very strong feeling of joy, adventure and magic. Beautiful!

  25. says:

    The Best! Super!!!

  26. says:

    Great job! Very professional. Confident step to Hollywood!

  27. says:

    A blast of creation and inspiration, well, well DONE…..

  28. says:

    Looks realistic great detail work

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