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  • Author: Daniel Oliveira
  • Tools: Modo, Photoshop

I would like to say thanks for the opportunity to show my work.

I've been working for just 6 years with 3D.

SP2 is a concept based on a Volkswagen car with the same name in Brazil in 1973. I pick up some references and make my vision of this car in these days.

Good luck everybody!

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  1. José Luiz Martins says:

    Great car and great project. Congratulations!

  2. eduardo says:


  3. Anderson Duran says:

    Trabalho com o Daniel a vários anos, sempre comentamos o quanto ele é um talento e a cada trabalho realizado isso se comprova, parabéns por mais essa arte!!!!!

  4. Luis says:

    nice concept Daniel, great work.

  5. Leonardo says:

    Unbelievable. It’s perfect. Each detail has been designed with perfection. I’m very proud that concept car was designed by a Brazilian designer. Congrats.

  6. Daniel A. says:

    What a nice tribute to a great Brazilian machine. Definetely brings the same style but new inovative curves. Great job Daniel and hope your project succeeds.

  7. Alexandre Mello de Assis says:

    Great job.

  8. Ale says:


  9. Sileide says:

    Congrats,verá nive And modern,te color is amazing.

  10. tato veiga says:

    beautiful coupe, great blue..

  11. Pedro San Juan says:


  12. Alexandre Zólio says:

    What a fantastic car project! Hope VW pay some attention! Congratulations!

  13. Leandro Furlanetto says:

    Very clean and beautiful render!! Great Job! ;)

  14. Fulvio Oriola says:

    Cool, maintaining the original character of the car and the brand. Very nice.

  15. linduarte says:


  16. Elton Oliver says:


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