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2089 year.

New technologies are opening up prospects for humanity to create an acceptable habitat on Mars. The settlement of Mars is supposed to be carried out in several large stages. Each stage can last from 20 to 60 years. Careful preparations are underway to begin the colonization of this desolate planet. Life on Mars every day seems more real. But we, earthlings, still have a lot of work and we can achieve success only by working together. And this is the main point. Only Peace on Earth will open the borders to people in space!


//passing signal in the Solar System..

16.02.2089 - 7:07 am


Good morning, Mars-3! How is the protocol for the search for a spacecraft going?

16.02.2089 - 7:23 am


Good morning, Earth! Connected Base!

The Technical Space Complex (TSC) sent the Space Rover half an hour ago to the area of the alleged location of the lost spacecraft.

16.02.2089 - 7:34 am


Mars, we have amended the protocol at the request of the Allies. In short, their data analysis department asks the


team to be careful with the memory block of their spacecraft. It is hoped that after the loss of communication, the spacecraft worked autonomously.

/the file is attached to the letter -


02.16.2089 - 7:41 am


Good! Protocol received!

16.02.2089 - 7:49 am


File sent to TSC-146. The search team has received your message. Follows the protocol.

16.02.2089 - 8:05 am


Thank you! Have a nice day, Base!

16.02.2089 - 8:23 am


Thank you, Earth! We will try hard:)


The third expedition to Mars was sent on June 17, 2067.

The main objective of this expedition: Mineral exploration. Preparation, processing of raw materials for future use!

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