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The last picture of ‘La voiture noire’

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  • Tools: 3ds Max, Maya, Marmoset Toolbag 4, Substance Painter, Photoshop CC

This black supercharged sport car had 200 horse power and was able to reach 200 kilometers per hour! It was completely exeptional at this period, and race cars of the brand wich were built on the same chassis won some speed reccords ! I think we could call it a 'supercar' even if I don't know if that name existed at the time.

But, furthermore, this specific car has a mysterious story...

There famously were only four Bugatti type 57 Atlantic coupes SC ever built between 1936 and 1938. Each in different color with specific different details of finishing, making them uniques. Three of them have a track of their owners until now. But this one, with the frame number 57453 was not tracked and still hasn't been found... It was the second car in the serie, used as the Bugatti showcase car, and mainly drove by Jean Bugatti himself. This is this specific exemplar wich is named 'la voiture noire' because of its black paint.

In 1939, Mister Bugatti died and it was the start of the second world war... This period was difficult, and the tracability of the car stopped there. But two main therories are possible:

- A transfer of the car by train to Bordeau to preserve the car, but probably intercepted before, during or after this transfer.

- An other type 57 car was build on the same chassis...

My render is showcasing a photography you could find in an old suitcase, maybe found into the attic of your grandparent house...

This picture is not the black car itself, but the instantaneous image of the last time a photographer took a picture of this specific car, in front of the Saint-Jean Castle next to the Bugatti factory.

This treasure may have an immense sentimentale value, but the question remains:

Does this value compare to the one of the real black car estimated at the amount of one Million of Euros ?

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