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  • Tools: Blender 3D, Photoshop

Elena loves this coffee bar and she comes here regularly.

Two weeks ago she has met a guy here and they had a very pleasant chat for the whole afternoon. However, he was on a bussiness trip to this city and he went back 200 miles away after that day.

Elena thought she was stupid that she didn't even take his phone number. "Yes" she said to herself, "its' just a good memory which will pass away very soon.

This day Elena comes to the coffee bar after work as usual. The rain stops and the sunlight shines again, seems very crisp. She raised her eyes randomly to take a look of the street. Suddenly she discover a BMW X3 stops in front of the door and that man comes out. He sees her face through the glass very quick and he comes over with firm steps.

"Yes", Elena says to herself, "this time he will not leave her alone anymore."

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