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The Paleolithic era weapon set

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2.5 million years ago, in the Paleolithic era, also called the Old Stone Age, Miech-Tec, the greatest warrior from the Olduvai culture, used these weapons while hunting with his son. Spear - this primitive but an extremely useful weapon, allowed them to stay at a distance while hunting zebras, or in the fight against larger animals, it was also useful for hunting fish. Pickaxe, a pole weapon consisting of a long shaft ending with a tooth shaped prickle. Decorated with tribal ornaments. Ideally suited for hunting birds and small animals, mostly carnivorous. One accurate throw could knock a badger down. The dagger has two blades made of ground teeth. The larger blade was used to fight animals, while the other, smaller dagger was used to peel animal skin, a fish is a great example of it. Daggers were also used in fights and in religious rituals.

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