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  • Tools: Rhinoceros 3d, Cinema 4d, OctaneRender, Photoshop

Due to the need to evolve, we will reach a point that our current equipment won't be enough to satisfy the requirements of exploring.

I'm not talking about rain forest here neither the deeps of oceans I'm talking about new planets, new habitats for us And to fulfillment this exploration, we need such a vehicle like the SR-001 So we can be in the middle of the scene, not looking through some drones, We can go through whatever we may face with it, rocks, water, and who knows what we will find up there.

The SR-001 is built for discovering various environments and going through different surfaces.

So it is a balanced mix between power, flexibility, and hi-techs dedicated for exploring, all under that futuristic 4x4 off-road vehicle look, it has a very powerful damping system that includes four dampers that connect vehicle body to the wheels that have its own built-in damping mechanism, with Two powerful engines placed in the front and rear of the vehicle, and a space for four drivers.

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  1. says:

    It looks real

  2. says:

    Smiling face of an Alien rover:))
    Cool design!

  3. says:

    Fantastic work, and talented imagination to create a scene from scratch, it shows the great degree of practicality and dynamic vision

    All the best

  4. says:

    There is something in this design, and I like this planet!

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