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  • Tools: Cinema 4D, Light Kit Pro, Vray, Substance Painter, Photoshop, Illustrator

A strange fungal attack has occurred on the space research base, in the form of red fur balls.

As a result, the base level of the phone console is severely damaged.

Whether the fur balls use the telephone console for communication, is not known at this time.

There is chaos on the space station at the moment.

The cute furry animals called tribbles have ripped out cables, monitors are nibbled, and are spreading over the entire base.

A space research team has already arrived at the telecommunications level, to repair the damage and collect the tribbles.

My idea was inspired by Star Trek: The Original Series (Season2) from 1967 "The Trouble with Tribbles".

The design of the vehicle, and the technical elements of the base were to match the 80's sci-fi charm.

Inspired by the futuristic car designs of the unreachable Syd Mead.

So I modeled and designed the vehicle and picture elements over a long period of time.

Always with the thought of a peaceful coexistence of the tribbles, wink.

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