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The Warden – Competition Particle Cannon

  • Author:
  • Tools: Maya, Substance Painter, Vray
The sky flashed in a fantastic and violent burst of light as the crowd cheered. In the distance, a derelict military class starship started to fall from the sky as its shields gave out. The particle beam, which was firing from the current competitor, suddenly ripped through the ships shields and into the hull. This caused the ship to erupt into a ball of fire and rain debris down to earth. The crowd went wild as the announcer exclaimed “And with that, the Warden will move on to the finals!” This game was an extreme version of 22nd century skeet shooting. The clay pigeons were replaced with old derelict starships and the rifles, shoulder mounted particle cannons. The Warden was the newest weapon in its class and now the crowd favorite. Its power was enough to easily slice through the smaller ships, but in the finals the ships would be bigger and tougher. With some final adjustments and updates to the software, the Warden was ready for the final showdown.

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  1. says:

    Man…I love futuristic badass weaponry, and this guy definitely catches my attention in the list of entries! Loveing the result, some fantastic eye for details, seriously!

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