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Thompson “Tommygun”

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  • Tools: 3ds Max, Substance Painter, Marmoset Toolbag 3

The "Tommygun", some of you might also know this legendary gun as the "Chicago Typewriter".

The Thompson was used by military, but also gangsters got their hands on these during late 1920's. One of the best known events where the Tommygun was being used by gangsters is the ST Valentine's Day Massacre in 1929.

The environment reflects to this timeframe, I added several objects in the environment which could relate to the user of the Thompson. The cigar, black hand letter (a method of extortion, which was practiced by gangsters) and the filed off serial number of the SMG are some examples. The newspapers serve as protection for the desk. The scene setup was based on a quote that I heard from Preston Garvey in Fallout 4: "Take care of your gun, and it will take care of you".

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