• Author: Rory Björkman
  • Tools: Maya, Mari, Maxwell Render, Headus, Photoshop

The idea behind this piece is to highlight war in the urban setting.

The camouflage and colours were chosen specifically to highlight how traditions are changing in what we consider the battlefield.

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  1. Omid CHangizi says:

    Nice work My friend !

  2. Ravindu Cooray says:


  3. majid says:

    It is Super B! i saw making of in artstation, good luck

  4. Andrii says:

    I like your style and accuracy! I also going to make light SpecOps vehicle. Would you like to take a part in? (with your parts & accessories) ;)

  5. Luis Lara says:

    Amazing! Good luck!

  6. Rory Björkman says:

    Thanks for the nice comments and support ! ;)

  7. Henry says:

    this should win seriously if you see the work gon into it

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