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Some time ago an article of a newspaper happened to me about the sad fate of one of the most beautiful cars of the seventies: the Lancia Stratos HF, winner of the World Rally Championship with Sandro Munari and Silvio Maig, had become a doghouse ...

A legendary car like its pilot, one of the greatest drivers of all time, known as "The Dragon” and an old story tells that Munari and his Stratos had a unique and indissoluble soul ...

Then I came to know that someone had decided to get their hands dirty with this heirloom and that it was bringing it back to its old splendor.

Who could be this nostalgic person who was dedicating himself to this work?

I thought he was an overweight middle-aged mechanic, hairy and greasy with oil ...

Nothing could be so far from reality ...


Thanks to Alessandro, Fabrizio and Giovanni for their infinite support and patience; thanks to Max for his precious teachings.

Dedicated to Mattia and Roberta.

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