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  • Tools: 3ds Max, Substance Painter, Mental Ray, Clip Studio Paint

The Yazmuza COP-V (Critical Officer Pursuit Vehicle) is the latest of law enforcement's specialty vehicles.

Assigned to cyborg-task force Officer Sonny Sprockett in Neo-Miami Police Department, and his mutant partner "Leonel".

They roam the criminal world as undercover hunters for Zombots - malfunctioning robots that have turned into a malicious problem within the population.

Zombots look identical to regular humans and can't be easily recognized.

However Sprockett's robotic eye in combination with his high-tech sunglasses will reveal lurking Zombots from distance.

Leonel was turned into a mutant boar in a motorboating accident as a child. He possesses incredible strength, and unexplained sense for Zombot movement near him.

Now they've been given this new vehicle when their previous, older model Yazmuza was blown to smitheerens by a lunatic coffee-dealer.

Yazmuza COP-V is a mid-engined, high-speed supercar laden with undercover reconnaisance tech.

The low and sleek body contains electro-hybrid powertrain, high-spectrum wave radar, 5 jiggawatt laser beam pulser, multi-function radio equipment and a large-calibre espresso maker.

It has seating for two, and a center-console slot for one medium-sized pet.

Near-silent drive mode is possible for low-key movements, and at pursuit speeds the active aerodynamics help in keeping the arrests on the track.

For more information, contact your nearest YAZMUZA dealer or call your mum.

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