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The largest creative competition for 3D artists who let their imagination run away creating characters with story and filling the works with plot and meaning. Think out and create an explorer of new worlds at the time of his or her adventures. We don't limit your choice of scene, theme or performance style. Participation in the contest is open to all comers, whose works comply with the rules.

The competition, held in partnership with leading companies and 3d software manufacturers. The winning entries will be published in the magazine and get maximum attention from the community. Also, any participant can win additional prizes. We're waiting for your works from March 15 to May 16.

Good luck and happy rendering!

Places for WIP and Conversation:
Invite Friends:

We receive your works from March 15 to May 16 (inclusive). Submissions end at 19:00 (GMT).
For your convenience we have set the timer on the page, but don't forget to update it.

The competition has one general category.

General rules:

  • Create a character (or more), an explorer of new worlds at the time of his or her adventures (examples). Think creative.

  • Create some environment around. It should be made in 3D; however, we permit the use of HDRi for sky and some parts of landscape.

  • The work must not have been previously published anywhere, neither online or offline (including models with ready-made textures or easily recognizable scenes).

  • To win the competition the quality and idea of the work are important.

  • You can submit only one work. You may attach additional scenes and angles of the render to your WIPs and send us a link to them - we will put it on the work description page.

  • Please, provide your work with a short story about your character.

  • Attach one wireframe or clay render at your choice to your work - we will place it below your work.

Demands for your render:

  • The render should be at least 1000 pixels wide if the work is horizontal. Vertical ones may have any proportions.

  • Render size should not exceed 3 mb.

  • It is desirable that you add the link to the competition in one of the image corners on your own (so that you can control the quality of the saved work).

  • Renders with solid background (one color: black, white etc, test renders, screenshots) and models laid on wallpapers will not be admitted to take part in the competition.

Other possibilities

  • The work can be updated during the competition if the author noticed a mistake or made use of community advice. The only condition - you can not change the idea of the work, or modify it drastically. Only reasonable changes allowed.

  • You can correct the description and the list of tools after the work was submitted - just contact us.

  • After your work is published on the competition page, you are free to share your work on other websites.

  • You can start your making-of on any forum; just send us a link when submitting your work.

After sending the work via the contact form you will receive within one business day a confirmation letter with a link to a page in the competition gallery. If you don't receive the letter, please contact us.

Within one week after the competition ends the jury will determine the winners and we will publish the results.

We will estimate the idea of your work, visual component, atmosphere and total amount of the work done.

Waiting eagerly for your work!

Wiktor Öhman

Wiktor Öhman

Art Lead at Quixel
Ian Dean

Ian Dean

Editor, 3D World magazine
Ralph Huchtemann

Ralph Huchtemann

Owner of RebusFarm GmbH
Eduard Danilov

Eduard Danilov

Owner of Exlevel and GrowFX main developer
Jan Tomanek

Jan Tomanek

Owner of AAA Studio, movie director producer and director
Jim Thacker

Jim Thacker

Editor, CG Channel
Arseniy Korablev

Arseniy Korablev

3D Artist, creator and owner
of PolyBrush
Jeremie Noguer

Jeremie Noguer

Allegorithmic Product Manager
Grzegorz Wronkowski

Grzegorz Wronkowski

3D artist, CEO at HDRMAPS
Daniel Yarmak

Daniel Yarmak

3D-Coat Designer and
Workflow Specialist
Artem Gorbachev

Artem Gorbachev

Managing Director
iCube Creative Group
Rosu Alexandru

Rosu Alexandru

3D Artist, Creator and Co-founder of RED School of Graphics and Design
Hum3D team

Hum3D team

Lead 3D artists

The First placeThe First place

The Second placeThe Second place

The Third placeThe Third place

But that's not all


Best work done with MODO will get special prize: either a MODO or MARI licence and interview on TheFoundry blog.


If the winning work is made in KeyShot (regardless of the place), the author's license will be upgraded up to KeyShot Pro.


Exlevel team offers GrowFx license for the best environment and they want to see some plants in your work. Good incentive to pay attention not only to a character.

Corona Render:

All participants, who uses Corona for the final render may get 33% discount to yearly FairSaaS Licenses. To create images you can use demo which is free for 45 days. The only condition - the work should be of high quality.


Interview with the author of the best work created with the help of 3D-Coat. Promotion of his work on 3D-Coat Facebook page and other official channels. Also, the work could be added to 3D-Coat's official site gallery with mention of the author's name.

FurryBall RT:

If the winner uses FurryBall RT in the work, he or she will get a permanent license. You can also use it in your WIPs.


Node-locked license of Pulldownit Pro for the best video with your character in WIP.


The best use case of Sketchfab in WIP will receive a place in Art Spotlight series.

Additional bonuses:

Free KeyShot Render:

For a free KeyShot license to render your competition work (without watermark), email with "Hum3D Character Render Contest" in the subject line and you will receive a license to use during the contest.


Just try free beta version of PolyBrush in your art and send feedback to the author. It's simple and was created by artist for artists.

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