Game-ready 3D models for Developers

In our store you will find a large variety of 3D models that can be used in your game project.

For your convenience, we provide a number of services that will save your time helping to apply models easily in a gameplay.

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Polycount optimization
of any model

Since major game engines use Real-Time Rendering technology, render time depends on the number of polygons.

That's why the first thing we offer is to optimize the number of polygons.

When purchasing a model or even after it you can choose the number of polygons you need and we will send you a low poly model within two working days. Your model will be not heavy and ready for use in the game.

In addition, most animal 3D models in the store are already low poly!

Polycount optimization of any model

Add details only where it's needed. Prioritise!

One of the ways to ease the model as much as possible – is to set priorities in the level of detail.

We can make a model from scratch or optimize the ready one.

Each polygon that is to be used should be important, all invisible and excessive polygons are removed.

Add details only where it's needed. Prioritise!

UV mapping and texturing

When purchasing, you can order UV mapping for any model, saving your time at the first stage.

We can also take on any amount of work on model texturing. Check out some examples of the finished works:

UV mapping and texturing

Rigging models

Any game requires mobile objects. That's why it is also an integral part of gaming models.

We perform basic rigging of vehicles, animals and other our models. You can order it during making the purchase or shortly thereafter.

Here are a few examples of our ready-made animation:

Rigging models

Baking Textures

One of the advantages of high-poly models is that they may be used for texture baking. With the polycount of a model significantly reduced the model will have the same level of detail as high polygonal samples have.

This is especially true for weapons.

Baking Textures

Unity and Unreal Engine Game-ready

Modern videogames are based on the most effective and affordable game engines that have earned their place in the game industry.

As soon as we receive your order, we prepare the model specially for use in the most popular game engines.

Unity and Unreal Engine Game-ready

Add 3D models to game trailers and art

Our models are excellent for video and game art.

We can perform modeling on your request, taking on the maximum amount of work. And your team will be free for new challenges.

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