Show Your Products in AR

Are you familiar with AR technology? Try to place this Hum3D model via your phone in any place of your room, for example on the table. Imagine that it could be furniture and your customer can place it in a flat in life-size to see the design. Or even shoes or dress which you can try-on from your iPad. Such option will increased sales and reduced product returns. That's what makes AR 3D models a «must-have» for business and eCommerce.

At I/O conference Google announced that it would be adding augmented reality objects to Search. And now you can see it in beta release with animals and soon all eCommerce will be able to add AR options to website snippets, so customers can see how the items look like in a real life. Those who will do it first will get all the attention.

Examples of Models to Check

3D model of Apple MacBook Air (2020) Gold
3D model of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star
3D model of Shirt
3D model of IFB Executive Plus VX ID Washing Machine
3D model of Chesterfield Sofa
3D model of Apple iPhone 3GS Black

Over 17000 models are currently available for download on the Hum3D Store.

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