Hum3D Clouds

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In order to make the life of our customers easy Hum3D provides a free automatic service that is called Hum3D Clouds. Here you can keep your purchases without any fear to lose files. This service can also free you from searching the code of the purchase on your e-mail. And it becomes very useful when you have more than one e-mail.

The features available in Hum3D Clouds:

  • Personal area which automatically collects all your content and data;
  • Personal support which you can ask for from your personal area without entering any additional information;
  • Purchase history where you get access to your previously purchased 3D models and in such a way you can download them whenever you need, so you will never lose your purchased products;
  • The revised versions of the purchased 3D models and the new updates of 3D files formats are completely free of charge!